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       My name is Dwight Okita and I am based in Chicago. I am an avid coffee drinker and movie-goer, language lover, tech-friendly without getting geeky about it. I'm an award-winning novelist and frequently anthologized poet. And I'm proud of the websites and videos I've created for my wonderful, quirky, talented clients.
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Trippy, cool, offbeat fiction for the new millennium.

C u r r e n t   W r i t i n g   P r o j e c t s 

The Hope Store is my second novel. Set in 2020, it's about the first store in the world to sell hope over the counter.  Jada Upshaw is the hope-impaired protagonist.  Luke Nagano is one of the store creators who serves are her hope counselor.

* CLICK ON THE FLOATING WOMAN to the right to read the opening chapters of this new novel. You can write comments and "like" the chapters at Amazon's WriteOn.

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           Thanks for dropping by. This site has about 150 visitors per week. Please consider purchasing my books.  My debut novel THE PROSPECT OF MY ARRIVAL is available as a stunning softcover to hold in your hands, or as a cuddly Kindle e-book.  My poetry book CROSSING WITH THE LIGHT is available in paperback and it's chock-full of poems that get reprinted in textbooks & anthologies every year. My stage play "The Rainy Season" is included in the collection ASIAN AMERICAN DRAMA.  Or consider having me design a website or book trailer for you.
           Please support all living writers and artists or they will disappear. They will get MBAs and PhDs and never be heard from again.  Look at the power of crowd-funding.  Each book you buy moves me closer to my dream of writing full-time, 24/7. Thanks for your consideration of my call to action.