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Words can fly.

​ Welcome to my website.  My name is Dwight Okita. I am an author & web designer based in Chicago.  Whether you are a book lover, author, potential agent/publisher/film producer -- you've come to the right place.  Or whether you are seeking a great new website or video trailer, or blog -- you've also come to the right place.

Dwightland is a place where books, movies, life, art, people and technology are properly worshipped.  Don't forget to sign the guestbook so I know you stopped by. Something of ourselves remains wherever we have been.

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If you'd like to leave a message for me, please sign my guest book.  Also I can add you to my mailing list unless you ask me not to.  This way I can let you know periodically of upcoming events related to my books and design adventures.
TESTIMONIALS on dwight's web design

"I was really impressed by the quick turnaround Dwight was able to provide for my actor website. Every detail fell neatly into place and matched up with the ideas I had in mind, and all his suggestions were extremely helpful. I wasn’t actually sure if it would be possible to get a site constructed that felt like “me,” but I think Dwight O did the trick."

                         -- actor Dwight Sora

"Dwight is lovely to work with. Since I live in Melbourne, Australia and he lives in Chicago – much of the web development was carried out via Skype. He had designed a wonderful site for my aunt Anne McGravie (they are both Chicago writers and friends), and that is how l learned of his creative services. As I am not the most tech-savvy, I especially appreciated how gracefully Dwight guided me through the process. Now that I have my own website, I wonder how I got along without one!  He gets five stars from me."

                          -- founder of AVEC PLEASURE Anne McGravie-Wright

"I needed a website quickly.  I didn't have the skills to build one that would be as whimsical as my music is.  I knew Dwight from his writing and always thought he was a very creative person.  He started out sending me a clear proposal and estimate of how long the project would take.  I felt very involved in the process.  I would definitely recommend Dwight for anyone who needs help with their web design.  He took a daunting task and made it fun."  

                          -- musician George Nelson, aka 2loose

           C r e a t i v e   P r o j e c t s 

The Hope Store -- This is my second novel. I will be soon approaching publishers & filmmakers.  I might use beta readers. See the NOVELS section for more. Will also start some novels as well.

The Prospect of My Arrival  -- This is my debut novel which came out in October 2011 thru Createspace. The book was a finalist out of 5,000 novels in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest.  My manager Nicholas Bogner continues to commu-nicate with and respond to film producers re: developing PROSPECT as a movie. 

Crossing with the Light -- This is my poetry 
book, published by Tia Chucha Press.  The book is 
filled with acclaimed poems that have been reprinted 
in anthologies and textbooks, and studied in classrooms 
around the country.  "Notes for a Poem on Being Asian 
American" was printed in the Norton Introduction to 
Literature.  CROSSING is available in paperback thru 
Trippy, cool, offbeat fiction for the new millennium.
"The writing is frequently beautiful, 
the plot frequently shocking."

           -- from review of                                               THE PROSPECT OF MY ARRIVAL

[Click above to read the full review.]
I recently came across this technique for developing novels called THE BEAT SHEET.  It's also used for screenplays.  There are two forms.  In the simple form, you break your novel into 15 beats -- introduce the hero, introduce the problem, bring in the bad guys, etc. In the other form you make your beats based on your chapters.  My novel has 41 chapters so in each beat, I would name the main plot point of the chapter. This is all put into a chart so that you can see at a glance the structure of your book.  

Already it's helped me by seeing how I can speed up the pace by omitting a few chapters. And it will ensure that I don't leave out any critical plot points like reversals, hero epiphanies, and changes of heart, etc.